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New York Foundation for the Arts Interactive - originally published: September 22, 2004

"Around Town: Miami"

© Franklin Einspruch

…Ingalls and Associates:

Lucky DeBellevue showed sculptures made from Chenille stems (which, despite having now learned the proper term, I will continue to think of as "pipe cleaners"). He uses them in order to make his pieces hover between high art and low art; unfortunately, they also hover between successful art and failed art. Some evoked stalagmites and landscapes thereof, but for the most part their kitschiness did them in. The room dedicated to Ingalls' partner, Lemon Sky Projects & Editions, featured photo-collages by Charles LaBelle made from countless, one-inch-square shots taken around Miami. They came off as overly decorative at first, but they grew on me. LaBelle arranged careful, attractive transitions of hue and contrast from square to square, and the ensembles composed handsomely…