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"Being There: An Exploration of the idea of appropriation"
(in the North Gallery)
William Cordova, Leslie Hewitt, Wardell Milan & Carlos Sandoval de Leon

September 9th – October 8th, 2006
Opening Reception: Saturday September 9th, 2006, 7-10 pm

“The idea of Being There came about from the actual act of ‘being’ in a moment in time and place that cannot be repeated, but it isn’t the essence of that particular time that is being sought after.  It is the topical, dressing, be it visual or oral that is consistently consumed; an assumed endless reservoir, more often gutted than replenished.   We are most invested in using the gallery space as a material, implicated in this conundrum of resources. Formal play on interior/exterior and juxtaposition are of interest and deemed imperative.” William Cordova’s work is rooted in vernacular language addressing ideas of resistance through structuralism. Leslie Hewitt addresses architectural space and the fragmentation of time, through photographic and sculptural means. Wardell Milan addressed historic American narratives and the retelling of these “truths” from an alternative perspective, by weaving fact and fiction as an attempt to reach a more accurate understanding. Carlos Sandoval de Leon’s work intends to re-charge generic symbols found in everyday commodities. Juxtaposing objects to create double entendres that operate in and out of social environments.