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"Eyewall" Nate Cassie
April 15-May 21

Ingalls & Associates is proud to present EYEWALL, new paintings by Nate Cassie from April 15th to May 21st with a reception for the artist on Friday, April 15th from 7-10pm.

Nate Cassie’s work varies in media and form, ranging from photography and video to installation and painting. Cassie uses art as a lens with which to view disparate disciplines and attempt a distillation of the connections - actual or imagined, made and missed - which link individual pursuits and ideas, natural phenomenon and desire.

The paintings that comprise EYEWALL mimic nature’s rules, inspired by beauty, violence and chance within natural events- a flower blooming, an avalanche sliding to a stop, a hurricane spinning across the ocean- using logical, well ordered systems to produce effectively random results. The work invokes number theory using predecessors like Fibonacci and Poincare to create something beautiful in a cool, industrial medium.

Cassie uses the imprecise science of art to tap into relationships within other imprecise sciences such as meteorology, genetics, botany, history and boxing. This study is fueled by perception and chance.

Nate Cassie’s current work has been show at various locations in the U.S. and abroad, most recently at the Corcoran Museum in Washington, DC; the Art Museum of Queretaro, Mexico and the Houston Center for Photography. He is a past fellow in the ArtPace Foundation’s International Artist in Residence Program in San Antonio and the National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts’ FIVA residency program in Miami. Nate Cassie is currently based in San Antonio, TX.