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(in the North Gallery) Ivan Toth Depeña

December 5th – March 3rd, 2007
Opening Receptions Saturday, December 9th 7:00-11 pm

In his most recent work Depeña continues to fuse creative disciplines through a more expressive process of combining technology and art in to formal objects. Taking cues from a constant rumination of the nocturnal urban environment such as artificial light, large-scale advertising, obscure illumination, natural and unnatural phenomena, chaos and cosmology the new work further blurs perception and memory in to a redefined landscape of monolithic abstractions. In previous work there has been a surveillance-like documentation of obscure relationships between various urban and suburban subjects/objects and the between the natural and man made. In contrast, instead of pure documentation, the current direction of work is actually creating and manipulating these objects and environments.

Through the combination of synthetic and organic materials, artificial light and architectural detailing the work recreates and re-appropriates the immediate environment in to encapsulated moments. With his new show Depeña is presenting a more formal approach and committing to a logical "next step" in his process of creating immersive, emotional and pleasantly disorienting environments.