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"Path of Least Resistance "
(in the South Gallery) Christian Duran

January 13th – March 3rd, 2007
Opening Reception: Saturday January 13th, 2007, 7-10 pm

In the exhibition Paths of Least Resistance, Christian Duran explores the poetic qualities of vascular anatomy and autonomy in his recent works. 

As revealed in the title, Duran recalls the process of osmosis, or “the diffusion that takes place through semipermeable membrane from less concentrated solution to a more concentrated one, until the concentrations are equalized.” Specifically he is interested in how this relates to his own body.  For instance, osmosis occurs in the vascular system through the movement of water into and out of tissues, as well as the exchange of sodium and potassium in our cells, and the effortless swap of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the lung’s alveoli.  These process is the conceptual foundation by which Duran created this body of work.      

Reflecting on autonomy, Duran credits intuition; strokes painted without deep thought or reflection.  He explains it as improvisation and again following that path which is most accessible at a moment’s judgment.  Visually, Duran recalls the growth patterns of weeds out of the cracks in sidewalks and on sides of abandoned buildings.  At times they can appear to be form fixing to the crack, cement, or brick texture, appearing spontaneous, chaotic, wirery, and well rooted at its foundation.

In these new works, Duran focuses on the seamless merger of concept and process.  In each of these, Duran notes a passive process of checks and balance where the final image becomes a field of color, line, and space- simultaneously reflecting principles and images found in nature.