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Christian Duran and Pedro Velez

Ingalls and Associates is pleased to present two new solo exhibitions: APPARITIONS by artist Christian Duran and UNI VAS RASF UR FALUT by artist Pedro Velez.

In the South Gallery, Christian Duran will present APPARITIONS, an exhibition of large scale drawings in ink and acrylic in which he explore the spiritual bond between us and nature.

In APPARITIONS, Duran wishes to convey the idea that one does not need to search at great length to observe and experience spirituality. In his words, “People and nature are in themselves astonishing phenomena that are linked through a common vigor. This occurrence is most readily observed through shared structures and their physiology, such as veins and arteries, as they may relate to roots and branches”. In Duran’s new work, he presents the human body and nature as interchangeable and poetic.

Christian Duran lives and works in Miami, Florida.

In the North Gallery, Pedro Velez presents UNI VAS RASF UR FALUT, a multi-media exhibition incorporating photography, sculpture and large-scale collages.

UNI VAS RASF UR FALUT is a coming together of aggressive and disparate elements where the Velez questions the making of taste in contemporary society and the curatorial decision making process.

Vélez’s work utilizes collage, posters, and photographs, which incorporate stylized text, educational systems and the urban landscape. Meant to provoke and raise questions about meaning and morality, the artist juxtaposes random images with cryptic text and invented language. Terms like "LAMB UC," "UR FALUT," "RASF," with its willful misspellings, all scrawled with crude materials in mostly crude forms, are sometimes leavened with delicate grace notes over book pages and found Benneton banners, creating a simultaneously optimistic and fatalistic meaning amidst chance occurrences.

Pedro Velez is a conceptual artist who works in Puerto Rico and Chicago.

Christian Duran
09.10.05 – 10.08.05

Pedro Velez
09.10.05 – 10.08.05

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