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"Imaginable Matters"
(in the South Gallery) Yui Kugimiya

October 21st – November 25th, 2006
Opening Reception: Saturday, October 21st, 2006 7-10 pm

Imaginable Matters, Yui Kugimiya’s first solo-exhibition, refreshingly explores the lines between romance and tragedy resulting in a universe that combines painterly qualities with fantastical narratives.” I use paints as if they were pieces of emotion. Colors wrestle with the others and form a kind of character. Painting narrates multiple stories through both the accumulation of marks and images depicted simultaneously. The kind of story that I try to draw is romantic yet somewhat tragic. I hesitate to make my paintings to be drawn in a corresponding romantic story. I would rather want them to embrace helplessness of romance. I paint with such an ambivalent feeling, hoping that ambivalence could be a kind of unique beauty.  For me, nature is where romance is. Nature is presence at anytime but in many different ways. Perception and acceptance supported by imagination allow me to be engaged with nature. Imagination is an invisible medium that completes a painting.”