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"Emblematic Psychosis"
(in the North Gallery) Wolfe Lenkiewicz

Februrary 10th - April 7th, 2007
Opening Receptions Saturday, Februrary 10th 7:00-10 pm

Wolfe Lenkiewicz amalgamates and juxtaposes diverse archetypes, symbolic images and heraldic motifs to form his own hybrid iconography. Visual statements are set up that are initially absurd yet on reflection, seem to express significant truths. They become simultaneously interrelated and in conflict with each other, this upsets our own pre-established visual order.  Lenkiewicz refers to this transformative process as ‘Emblematic Psychosis’. He frequently subverts familiar religious images so that his compositions become almost allegorical in the manner of Renaissance paintings but can include topical, highly charged politicised images like a jumbo jet crashing into the side of a crucified Christ or butterflies bombing the twin towers.  The virtue of pencil drawing is that it enables its best practitioners to attain considerable expressive range and intensity using limited, low-tech materials and tools.  Lenkiewicz’s drawings are highly finished and he can execute them in various scales, and for the smallest ones he uses a magnifying glass to render the figures in exquisite detail.