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(in the North Gallery) Paintings by Brendan Cass, Emilio Perez, Chie Fueki, Giles Lyon & Aimee Jones

(in the South Gallery) A solo exhibition of video, collage and zines by William J. O’Brien

October 15th - November 19th, 2005 - Opening Reception: Saturday October 15, 2005, 7-10 pm

Ingalls & Associates
Chris Ingalls

125 NW 23rd Street - Miami, Florida 33127
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Ingalls and Associates is pleased to present two new exhibitions: SCENE STEALERS and " A FAIRY TALE" co-curated by Nina Arias and José Diaz.

On view in the North Gallery, SCENE STEALERS, an exhibition dedicated to abstract paintings by a selected group of young emerging artists. Using vibrant colors, thick lines and bold compositions the painters in SCENE STEALERS, Brendan Cass, Emilio Perez, ChieFueki, Giles Lyon and Aimee Jones create lush and exciting landscapes that blur the line between Technicolor fantasies and color scheme saturations.

Brendan Cass’s body of work came about through his obsession of travel and escapism. Cass is fascinated by the land formations and sense of terrain in popular and inspiring European locales. “By painting primarily Euro scenes, it’s as a kind of subliminal reminder or activator in the hopes that, American culture today can regain some of its Europeanism, socially and behaviorally to be a kind of social antidote temporarily for the awkward times,” Cass states. There is also that energy and liberation that many people feel when going away on vacation, this energy also inspires Cass. “So it's a kind of escapism back to a smoother social and political way. But I really want to create portals, of travel, mentally, spiritually, physically,” Cass states. Cass studied at Bard College, SUNY Purchase, School of Visual Arts and has exhibited nationally and internationally at CANADA Gallery NY; Kenny Schachter in NY & London; and the New Museum, NY to name a few.

Emilio Perez’s paintings intertwine high-speed surges of color with a lyrical black and white vernacular, which resembles an irregular snapshot of cartoon animation. Amorphous characters hustle across a swirling chaotic landscape. Perez’s brushstrokes map out and execute intense visuals. Perez has recently exhibited at Luxe Gallery, NYC; Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston, TX; Galleri SE, Bergen, Norway; AR Contemporary, Milan, Italy; and Byblos Art Gallery, Verona Italy.

Japanese artist Chie Fueki's multimedia paintings use mythic imagery to recall her personal life of growing up in Brazil. Embellished with paint and graphite, offer mirages of shifting colors, ghostly images and sparkling jewel-like expanses. Like confetti or fireworks, the spectacular plumage seems to celebrate this unique reinvention of her heritage. Using the traditional Japanese ground of mulberry paper, Fueki layers various pigments and materials to create a cultural balancing act of worlds like timeless revelations into the past and into the future. Fueki received her MFA From Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, 1998, she has exhibited at Shoshana Wayne Gallery in Los Angeles, and has an upcoming solo show at Mary Boone Gallery in 2006.

Giles Lyon's
comic book abstractions are simultaneously microscopic and macrocosmic. Mixing automatist spills, splatters and stains that are obsessively outlined and accentuated with layered and encrusted buildups that include detritus from insects, flowers, food, hair and credit cards, Lyon creates funhouse explosions that reference pop culture and art history as well as biological cycles and intergalactic nebula. Lyon continues his exploration into the process of painting and a personal abstract topography. Organic compositions of biomorphic haze and clustered constellations allude to the biological and the cosmological, while comic book colors reference popular culture. Lyon’s paintings offer a kaleidoscope of psychological associations. Lyon received his BFA at Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI and has exhibited at Feigen Contemporary, New York, NY; Lynn Goode Gallery, Houston, TX; and Drawing Room, Arena, Brooklyn, NY to name a few.

Aimee Jones is a Houston based artist who has used her artwork as a means of expressing her current mental state. About her most recent work she says, “I wish to be in a fantasy land millions of miles away from the bullshit of everyday life...through my recent paintings I have found a direct route that takes you on that trip...sit back and enjoy the ride!” Jones received a BFA at the University of Houston and has shown at Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston, TX; Arthouse, Austin, TX; Cactus Bra Space, San Antonio,TX; Plush, Dallas, TX; and participated with Worm-Hole Laboratory in Miami, FL.

The South Gallery will present A FAIRY TALE, a solo exhibition of video, collage and zines by William J. O’Brien. A Fairy Tale features a nonlinear narrative music video that explores issues of identity and the commonalties found within appropriation and personal relationships mediated through popular culture. Also on view, A Silent Descent, a video based on appropriating live club shots from the 70's movie Outrageous. O’Brien’s work seeks to accomplish a commentary on media, the structure of information, and with that an appropriation of images that relate to my own ideas of sexuality. William O’Brien received his MFA from The Art Institute in Chicago, IL; and has exhibited at The Institute of Modern Art, Chicago, IL; Nina Menocal Gallery, México City, México; and Deitch Projects, Participant Inc. NY, NY.

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